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The L.A. classic, known for its smoked fish and pastrami sandwiches, recently opened at the Arrive Hotel. Deliciousness is on its way to a new location in Desert Hot Springs, just a few blocks from the hotel and a short drive north of the hotel.

Set on 72 hectares of grounds and framed by a backdrop of peaceful palm trees, the spacious spa offers private readings by intuitive naturopaths. Scrubbing, massages and massage therapies as well as yoga and meditation classes are available so that you can take a midnight bath or soak in whatever mood you are in.

For a truly relaxing experience unparalleled, head to Greater Palm Springs and immerse yourself in one of the natural wonders of hot springs. This natural spring won the World Water Cup in San Diego, California, in 2015, and was named the best tasting water in the world.

This medicinal water is pumped from a natural aquifer deep in the earth and is known for its calming and detoxifying properties. The mineral water here is supposed to have a soothing scent, smell lazy of eggs and even taste good.

If you want to try to stick with a proven delivery favorite or try one of the many options at Desert Hot Springs Food, treat yourself to something delicious. I ordered spinach feta from Pacific Veggie, which contains almost every vegetable you could imagine. They offer a variety of delicious options to enjoy the benefits of this magical water, which is just a comfort and luxury getaway.

I caught my eye - agave in a pot arrangement that doubled as a work of art. There are so many different types of agaves in Desert Hot Springs food, and tourists stop just to take a photo of them.

There is no better way to get acquainted with the wealth of modernist architecture in Palm Springs than driving one of Desert Hot Springs "most famous architects, David Imber. Led a three-hour tour at $85 per person, Mr. Imbers covered a wide range of architectural styles, from the old school hotel to the modernist glass and steel banks to the modernist concrete banks.

A visit to the full-service spa complex feels like a complete holiday, and the resort offers a wide range of wellness services, from massages and massage parlours to a private spa with private pool.

There is also live entertainment, from country and rock bands to live music by local artists and a full service restaurant. It's unlikely you'll casually stroll through the Parker Palm Springs hotel, but you know Melvyn's has a long history in Palm Desert. Take a look at the wall of celebrity photos in the lounge or hide away for a few hours in one of the private rooms for an intimate dinner with one or two friends.

This is the perfect escape from the Californian hustle and bustle that makes Desert Hot Springs the perfect getaway destination. The stomach is plagued by the scent of handmade pizzas and cheeses - slices of pizza covered in ice - and when you're not at home, you can even enjoy a glass of wine and a few drinks in one of the many bars and restaurants in the area.

If you'd rather have your takeaway ordered than have it delivered, look at restaurants like Subway (3424V) that offer pickup or behave by delivering it yourself.

Here are some ways to find the best takeaway options in Desert Hot Springs, but keep in mind that 4 out of 5 restaurants are to be explored and compared. Restaurant reviews can also show a restaurant's popularity with Uber Eats users. You can pick up your food or order it online at about 10 restaurants, including Taco Bell (3424V).

If you rate it right, you can order the kind of local, organic, homemade dinner that would get a thumbs up from Alice Waters. Just as you want to place your order, breakfast arrives free of charge, and when 2011 brings out the marbles, it's as good as good. Spring in Desert Hot Springs, find out what you saw in our guide to some of the best restaurants in Southern California's most popular tourist destinations.

Prepared and smothered in a sauce of your choice, it's a gluten-free, vegan version of the classic hot dog sandwich. Throw it in your hand, throw in a gluten-thin crust, choose the toppings you want and prepare for a delicious meal with the best of both worlds: fresh, healthy, delicious and naturally tasty.

The familiar flavours of the classic marinara can be retained, but this time it is also vegan, gluten-free, vegan and vegan-friendly.

The menu is full of dishes you wouldn't expect in a desert, but Desert Hot Springs California Food has something to expect from every meal.

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